21 Jul 2015

How to Check inactive bank accounts in the name of forefathers?

One Para of our Previous Posts , reads as under :

Keeping in view public interest, it had been decided that banks should, in addition to the instructions contained in the above mentioned circular, play a more pro-active role in finding the whereabouts of the account holders of unclaimed deposits/ inoperative accounts.  Banks are, therefore, advised that they should display the list of unclaimed deposits/inoperative accounts which are inactive / inoperative for ten years or more on their respective websites. The list so displayed on the websites must contain only the names of the account holder(s) and his/her address in respect of unclaimed deposits/inoperative accounts

Now Some of the Bank Like Andhra Bank have started the Facility  and in case your Bank has not acted upon RBI's advice, one can approach the regulatory body to press upon the Bank to implement the RBI guidelines

Do you know that when we see website addresses like www.pnbindia.in or www.licindia.in ,the world  (in ) refers to the Country Code.

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