25 Jul 2015

How to Open NRE Account in India Without Visiting India

There are million of non resident Indians, skilled or unskilled, literate or illiterate, living across the globe in every part of the world. Even the best educated individuals, software engineers and doctors, who are Non Resident Indians due to their stay of more than 180 days in foreign country either in one financial year or at one stretch of time even if it falls in two financial years,  are not aware of the fact that they can open their NRE (Non Resident Externals) Accounts without visiting India as the major Indian Banks like State Bank of India and Punjab National Banks have their foreign correspondents in every part of the globe. 

How to open NRE account in SBI in India without visiting India:

Step 1 : Download the NRI Account Opening Form.

Step 2 : Attach the Documents as per mandatory document list given in the Link at Step 1 for NRIs (Non Resident Indians), PIO's (Person of Indian Origins) and OCI's (Overseas Citizenship of India allowed as limited form of dual citizenship) .

Step 3 : Now get the form, your signatures and documents attested (only in case you are not visiting India or Bank Branch in India) from any of the three authorities below:
  • Authorized Official of Foreign Office of the SBI or concerned Bank ( with specimen number called SS No. or GBPA No. or PA No.
  • Indian Embassy/Consulate/High Commissioner.
  • Notary Public of your Area or Location ( Most Easy)
Step 4 : You can locate the Foreign Office of the State Bank of India on this World Map.

Step 5 :  Send the completed attested form, photographs and attested documents to SBI Branch of your choice by reliable courier like DHL whose delivery can be tracked online. SBI provides the best conversion rates for world currencies.

I am neither an agent, nor an employee of State Bank of India and SBI is not paying any commission or remuneration to me directly or indirectly. It is just my hobby to help the online NRI communities living across the Globe as I love my India and my fellow citizens. Share it among non resident Indians and your friends as the article will be helpful for opening Foreign Currency Non Resident Accounts, NRO accounts, NRE accounts without visiting India Bank Branch and even without visiting India. The balance in the account will be available of you at your finger tips through Net Banking Services. Almost all Big Banks in India are providing relaxed facilities to Non Resident Indians.

Send Maximum Remittance to such opened accounts to build a Strong India of My Dreams in 2047.

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  1. This is really a nice article and a very good guidance towards opening NRE accounts in SBI. Than you very much for your correct guidance.


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